Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to it

First things first. Kevin applied for a 6-month TDY to Ohio back at the beginning of September, and we've been planning on him going their come January since July. However, on Friday October 3rd, Kevin received an email at work asking for those interested in a 6-month TDY to UTAH to apply, by the end of business that day. Well of course he DID! And last Wednesday he heard back. WE ARE GOING TO UTAH!!! TO WORK!!! FOR 6 MONTHS!!! STARTING in JANUARY!!! We're pretty excited. The to-do list has extended and this week we MUST give our 60-day Notice to our Apartment complex. I just realized that MUST be done TODAY! That's our exciting news. Yea!

Leah and school. She is loving school. A couple of weeks back she started receiving homework packets. The packet contains all the assignments for the entire week. Each Monday she comes home with it and finishes it THAT day. She loves to learn and is seeming to do exceedingly well. According to her teacher they are not concerned with her ability to "keep up". Apparently she is always going the extra-mile on her assignments writing out words that describe the picture. For example, October 6th she had a field trip with her class to the Farm and Kevin went along as a chaperone. Before they left the children were coloring pages with apples on them and Leah had to write the word "apple" on her page. She wasn't asked to she just wants to know. It makes me so happy to see her desire to know everything. Although it can be a challenge for me to keep up with her bombardment of questions I hope she never stops asking.

Mason. He is finally potty-trained. HIP-HIP-HOORAY!!! With Mom and Heather in town I figured we had enough help to make sure that he got to a potty. We are still having accidents, sometimes at night and sometimes during the day, but there will be NO regression to diapers. Already him being potty-trained is saving us money, fewer diapers to go through and buy. Today Owen decided he wanted to use the potty and has refused diapers. He has had 2 accidents and no pee has made it into the potty, but I think he is realizing what it means to USE said potty. We'll keep at it. Mason is doing a preschool program called "Joyschool" with 4 other boys his age and he is loving it. We switch of teaching and hosting, and next week is my first time teaching. I should probably look over those lessons...

Owen. We celebrated his 2nd birthday last Monday, Columbus Day, with kids his age at a park. My Mom was here and Kevin didn't have to work that day (federal holiday). There was a good turn out of kids and it was a beautiful Indian Summer day, "sunny with a high of 75". Friday we celebrated again with Nicole and me taking the kids to a farm then, after Kevin was off work, out to dinner at Applebee's, using coupons at both places the kids had earned by finishing the Libraries summer reading program. This was all followed up on Sunday (his actual birthday) with a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

He is getting so big. He is eating and drinking constantly these days and has entered into 3T Clothing. Because he has his Daddy's short legs he wears 2T pants, but I suspect by next summer he'll start wearing 3s.

I have Leah's Halloween costume to finish up. She will be Jessie from Toy Story 2, we have a hat and wig, I am sewing up her cow print spats and adorning a white shirt with cuffs and a lapel. Mason and Owen's costumes were purchased entirely from the Disney Store, no sewing necessary. :) Nicole cut fleece for a new blanket for Owen which she would like my help with. :) I have started to knit a Wallaby sweater for Leah, it is a new endeavor and I am having a lot of fun. It will have a pocket and hood when I'm done, it is nearly ready to add the pocket to the front. :) With us moving in about 60 days I am going through closets, clothes, toys, boxes, EVERYTHING and trying to weed more things from our lives and simplify.