Friday, May 25, 2007

Mother of Three

It is both a joy and a challenge raising three small children. Late nights and early mornings make for a tired and touchy mommy. With our recent move the kids have been responding well. However, I know Leah has been having the hardest time adjusting to not having friends around 24/7. She just loves to play and misses all of her friends she use to see daily. Finding ways for her to entertain herself and her brothers has been the challenge as of late. I keep telling her it will get better once we are setup in our new apartment and everything has a place, for it is not till then that I would feel comfortable having other children in my home.

Mason is a trooper. His quiet self is starting to assert itself more and more. He loves his big sister and little brother, but he doesn't love being bossed around by her. Mason is so helpful with Owen, he brings diapers, throws them away, and brings the bottles when Owen is ready to eat. His favorite things have been the Hot Wheels and larger cars we have. And ofcourse, we can't fail to mention his love of all things round, oblong, hard and soft, namely BALLS. But an interesting addition to his list of favorites are the color red and baseball caps. It just so happens he now has a red Mickey Mouse cap he loves to wear.

Owen has mastered crawling and flown right into the standing up to EVERYTHING trick. He is a baby on the move, it appears to me he doesn't wish to be left out of anything Big sister or brother might be doing, or his mommy for that matter. His favorite place to be is right at his mommy's feet while she's in the kitchen cooking and cleaning---not the safest place for a seven month old.