Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My father forwarded this thought to me that an old friend had sent him. It seems to hit the nail on the head.


The buzzword of this election is 'CHANGE.' Candidates toss it around without saying what they want to change to.

Years ago, there was an old tale in the Marine Corps about a Lieutenant who inspected his Marines and told the 'Gunny' that they smelled bad. The Lieutenant suggested that they change their underwear. The Gunny responded, "Aye,aye, sir, I'll see to it immediately."

The Gunny went into the tent and said, "The lieutenant thinks you guys smell bad, and wants you to change your underwear. Smith, you change with Jones, McCarthy, you change with Witkowskie, Brown, you change with Schultz . Get to it."

The moral: A candidate may promise change in Washington but don't count on things smelling any better.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here We Go Again!

So we have now finished our move into our new apartment. We have had personal items in for 12 days, HOWEVER, I have come to depend upon and need the INTERNET for my sanity!!! Well, after 14 days of NO internet we are now back up and running. YEA!!! I have spent a good portion of the morning checking emails and reading through blogs, but I'm still behind. It's like the unpacking at my house....not anywhere close to being where it needs to be. O well.

My brother commanded me to post and since he is the Eldest I have obliged...this time. ;)

I do have quite a bit to blog about: my kids, my great husband, my fabulous sister, our new place, etc. But today will focus on me.

My health has been a bit under the weather for some time now. Starting with my uterine fibroid that starting getting worse last fall. Well, in the process of getting ready to have surgery on said fibroid I've had to have other tests done. Beginning with a Colonoscopy. Well 4 weeks ago I had the procedure done, they found a polyp, which they removed and sent off for a biopsy. This last Saturday I got the communication from my doctor telling me the results. It turns out that the polyp was "adenomatous and had the potential of turning into cancer." Yea, so that took my breath away and made me grateful to have had to have the Colonoscopy performed since because of my age it would have been YEARS until a doctor suggest having a "routine" Colonoscopy done. I'll have to have another Colonoscopy done in 1 year. Okay.

A week ago Sunday night I woke with a sharp pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen. I wasn't able to get an appointment with a doctor till Tuesday. She thought it might be a Gall Stone. I went in Wednesday morning for an ultrasound of my Gall Bladder. Friday I called my doctor's office and found out YES I have a Gall Stone and was given a number to call a surgeon. Apparently the only way to take care of a Gall Stone is to have your Gall Bladder removed. Yea, another procedure/surgery to add to this year. The downside to this is that now I have to wait 10 days before I can talk to the surgeon. Ahhh...

The upside to all of this is that I have now reached the individual copay for my insurance and now they should be footing more of the costs of all this. :)

Another health issue is that now I need to have what is called a "hysterosonogram", a specific sonogram to check the health of the inside lining of my uterus. (This is for the Gynecologist to know how best to take care of my fibroid, what kind of procedure can/should be done.) Well, I have to have the procedure within 7-10 days after the start of my period. However, right now knowing when it will start is a guessing game. Hooray! For the 2nd month in a row they did not have appointments available for when I needed it. :( Very frustrating because it puts me off another entire month until I know what EXACTLY will happen with my fibroid. Ooooooo...

One last thing is I have Migraines on a more regular basis. They have been debilitating. Last week was mostly spent lying on my bed. I've consulted with a number of friends I know who suffer from migraines and have learned that I need to find a Nuerologist who specializes in migraines. So another doctor needs to be called and consulted. yea...

Well, now I've aired my health woes to the world. So if you see me at times with a glazed look in my eyes just know that I'm just pushing through like everyone else. I know all will come together and I will be "whole" someday. ;)