Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh!

Yesterday we celebrated my nephews 1st Birthday. On Sunday I took hundreds of pictures of him in an attempt to have the PERFECT 1 year old picture. Well, I believe I've got some GREAT images and wanted to share them. We'll have to wait till later today for the present, cake and ice cream pictures...my camera is still in the trunk of Kev's rental that he drove to work this morning.

Isn't he a cute kid? So intense. He observes everything and takes everything in. He takes a little while to adjust to new surroundings, but he did a fantastic job of rolling with the ups and downs of Sunday. He is my very first nephew/niece. Because of him I am an Aunt and I just love getting to be with him. ;) He warms up to Kevin quickly every time we see him. Leah LOVES having a cousin and being able to follow him around and show him how to have fun.

What can I say? We love that kid!

Monday, April 6, 2009

10,000th Image on my Rebel Xti

On Sunday, April 5th, between the Conference sessions I went into my in-laws backyard and took pictures of kiddos and all who were "stretching their legs". During that unwinding time I hit my 10,000 image on file in my camera. The image in question is of my brother Joshua's left foot covered in sand from the sand box.

My image straight from the camera...

My Image enhanced with the Topaz Add-on for Photoshop...

What a dirty foot!?!