Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I entered this picture of Mason at last years Freedom Festival Parade in Provo, UT into a Photo Contest on Pioneer Woman Photography, and it was included in the first group of photo finalists. I am so honored.

Check out the website here. Or the flickr group here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Owen...The Right-arm of the Law

(Owen on the left and Mason on the right)

I am a mother to two boys. Two boys that spend HOURS together everyday. Often they are together in the same room, sometimes they do things TOGETHER, usually they coexist in the same space. When Owen gets bored and wants to play he tackles Mason to the floor. When I call for Mason Owen says, "I'll get him." This usually results in him yelling through the house and tackling Mason either where he is or when he is in front of me (because Owen has chased him up/down the stairs and into the room with me). Owen loves to "GET" Mason.

One day back in May, I had Sally, our minivan, for the day to run errands and pick up a few last minute items needed for a Church activity. My list had been enlarged and revised multiple times and I was trying my best to be snappy and frugal. The boys were troopers. But after 30 minutes in one store they were starting to unravel and didn't want to listen to Mom anymore.

"Mason, Owen, please stay by mommy. Hand on the cart...PLEASE. I'm almost done...Now where can I find an exacto knife?"

Mason and Owen let go. Mason teases Owen and runs 5 steps away. Owen chases but comes back with a, "Please stay by the cart." Mason continues to taunt. Owen jumps for him, both of them squeal with delight. Mason runs down the shopping aisle and turns the corner.

Exasperated and attempting to mother and shop simultaneously I call out, "Mason, come back I can't see you."

Owen instantly pipes in, "I'll get him." Then takes off running down the aisle and out of sight.

Moments later Mason rounds the corner of the aisle from the opposite direction and stops in front of me panting and smiling.

Owen comes 'round the same corner, yells, "I'll get him for you." And proceeds to TACKLE Mason to the ground, "I got him Mommy!!!"

Mason yells, "Get off, get off!" But you know what? He was laughing, they both were.

For an additional 2 minutes this wrestling on the ground continues and helps me to have the time to find the knife I was looking for. Thank-you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Deals to Meals

The Deals to Meals blog is having a Bosch mixer give away this month. So Awesome!!! Go check out their website, especially those of you on the West coast. If I lived out that way I would TOTALLY get signed up.