Friday, November 9, 2007

Here Baby...Fetch!

This morning Mason came up to me carrying a bag of chocolate yogurt covered raisins, "This peeze Mom. Peeze, Mom."

I caved, "Sure, but you need to share with baby Owen." (Owen was in the room with us and was already following around his big brother. I would have made a similar request if Leah had been around as well.)

"K, mom."

I pulled out a small bowl and put in about 15-20 pieces, gave it to Mason ("Tanks mom") and didn't think much on it.

Till about 2 minutes later I see Owen on the floor crawling after what looks like a chocolate covered raisin. I get Mason into view just as he throws said raisin in the general direction of Owen and hear, "Here Baby."

I step fully around the corner of my kitchen counter and asked, "Mason, what are you doing?"

"Share with Baby. Here baby fetch! Get it!" And off flew another raisin with Owen crawling quickly after it.

I couldn't handle it! I turned around and just had a great belly-laugh. Followed shortly by a quick call Kevin to let him know just HOW cute his kids are. Kids really are good for a joyful laugh. :)

I tried to snap a picture but the moment was lost. :(


felicity & nathaniel said...

What a good brother!! haha! I totally laughed out loud.

Kristen said...

That story made my day! It made me laugh and smile. I just love my nephews! They are SO CUTE!

Cami said...

Oh, more ways children are like puppies! No need for pets in your house!

Jenni said...

Ha! That's a hilarious story!:)

Jen, your blog is so great!! I'm so excited to add you to my blog roll!:)

Kellie said...

I'm so glad you're blogging! This is a wonderful story. What a moment.

Julia A said...

and thank you for sharing that moment with us! Games with Baby, Go Fetch! :D

Jann said...

Very funny. Thanks for sharing this story.