Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a BALL!

Saturday was full of fun, fibbing and fantastic surprises!

I returned home from Oklahoma to discover that our Stakes 'Rose Ball' had not yet happened. So I decided since it was our last weekend with a live-in babysitter (my sister Nicole was still here), at least for a couple of weeks, Kevin and I should go. It's the first time in a while that Kevin and I have had the opportunity to go out dancing. For those of you who don't know our history, Kevin was my very first 'slow dance' at my very first Church Youth Dance. He was also my dance partner for our Stakes Youth Dance Festival, when I was 14 and he was 16. From the Dance Festival experience he and I have a smattering of dance techniques that are now over 10 years behind us. But I get ahead of myself.

I informed Kevin that I really wanted to go and that I had set up a babysitter. He was up for it. FABULOUS news! I had a surprise a-brewin'!

Well, I decided that it was time for me to "Blow Away" my husband. We spend so much time in our daily mundane routine that I figured it was time to knock his socks off. With the help of my sister and two good friends (Mendy and Scarlett) I was able to do just that.

It all started on Thursday, May 1st, when my sister Nicole helped me to pick out the "perfect" dress. We spent 2 hours scouring the racks at Burlington Coat Factory and trying on dresses in various sizes, styles and colors. I fell in love with the dress when I put it on. (Pictures to see below, but wait.)

Earlier in the week I had approached two friends from my ward about doing my hair and makeup. And both graciously accepted. I am so lucky to have such good friends here who are also talented. Mendy and Scarlett you both did a fantastic job, thank you.
Scarlett's Make Over
I have never before had a true "up-do" and really liked the way my hair turned out. Doesn't it look amazing?
Mendy's Amazing Up-do
(side note: I was able to sleep with a shower cap over my hair and still have my up-do looking great for church the next day. That was awesome! Getting up for church and not having to do my hair! What a blessing. Also, I was super proud to do it and let every one know just how amazing Mendy is with a curling iron, bobby pins and hairspray. ;) )

So the fibbing. . .To get out of the house on a Saturday without Kevin becoming suspicious Nicole, Leah and I were out having a "Girl's Day Out." According to him that included a trip to the Mall, library and miscellaneous other errands. Well, we did do miscellaneous errands but we were mostly at Scarlett's getting made over. At one point he called, we were nearly finished and I had to just get some finishing touches on my make up and hair done. I had to assuage his fears that anything had happened to us and that "Yes" I would be able to be ready to go by the time we were meant to meet up with some friends for dinner before the dance. As I hung up we women were laughing out loud just anticipating the surprise he would get.

Half an hour later I hadn't yet left and again my phone rang, it was Kevin. I was in the middle of getting my dress on and putting on the final touches. I called him back as I was getting in the car and he was so anxious and scared that something was wrong. According to him we should have been home "20 minutes ago." Again I calmed him said we were on our way and asked him if he were ready. He came back with a quick, "No, I've been watching the boys." I said the boys would be fine, just get dressed so at least one of us was ready to go. He agreed and we hung up.

When I pulled up Mason heard the car and came out the front door. ("Mommy you're home! Hi Mommy! Leah! Leah home! Hi Leah! Hi 'Cole!" I was out of the car pulling out some things from the back when Kevin came out. I tell you he looked right past me! He didn't even realize it was me for 5 seconds! O that was fabulous! Leah was given the job of announcing the surprise to Daddy and though her thunder had been stolen by Mason coming out the front door she still ran to me and said, "Daddy, my I present my Be-u-ti-ful MOMMY!"

(side note: That suit Kevin has on is the one he wore on our wedding day, nearly 7 years ago. He stills looks pretty good in it don't you think? I do. ;) )

We had so much fun that night. Eating out with friends, visiting with old and new friends, dancing, twirling, sitting, talking, complimenting (Kevin kept telling me how beautiful I looked that night. Ah.) and of course...


Mendy said...

I love that he didn't recognize you! You are really a beautiful woman, Jen, with a GREAT head of hair (I would know). I love the 360 degree photos!

Glad you had such a fun night with your sweetheart.

Emily said...

How exciting, I can just imagine all the anticipation. And wow, your hair and make-up looked great. I hope you felt special, you really looked it!

merrilykaroly said...

That dress is gorgeous! And you look so beautiful. I loved the pictures (was hoping for more pictures of you in the dress, though...). I'm glad you had so much fun-- you deserved it!

Elizabeth said...

You both look GREAT!! Beautiful hair, beautiful dress, and beautiful husband. You have it all! Glad you had a great time. You need to do that from time to time to keep the spark alive!! We love you.

Cami said...

Wow! You look absolutely gorgeous! Everyone should have a makeover day. The Rose Ball is a perfect day for it!

Jenni said...

You looked just beautiful Jen!! I love the up-do!! Sounds like it was a wonderful evening!!

Scarlett said...

I had been waiting for the post for some time now, you looked amazing! I couldn't wait to read all about Kevin's reaction and stuff eventhough I had heard it before reading about it painted a really nice picture. Good for you, I'm so glad your evening turned out better then expected. you hottie!

amberacottrell said...

You look so beautiful! Scarlett and Mendy are very talented it is awesome. Glad you guys had a great time together. I love that it was such a surprise for Kevin that makes it so so fun.

Josh said...

Yay for pretty day! You looked great Jen.

PS I most amazed that kevin can still fit in his wedding suit... ;)

Deb said...

you did look gorgeous that night! i didn't get the chance to tell you, so i'm glad you blogged about it. i LOVE that dress. the whole look is FABULOUS! what a fun surprise for kevin!

Joni said...

You look fabulous! What a great dress.

Josh said...

I say that thou shalt post to your blog when thou hast Internet again.

Shirae said...

JEN! You have to update my link for my blog - it is now:, and it is much better than the sad, almost embarrassing blog I had previously! i finally made myself take the time and make it look decent, but yikes, even that took up too much time, and it is addicting! like scrapbooking. And so is blog surfing; reading everyone else's stuff and looking at pictures! I'm sitting at the computer too much these days all while a little voice in my head is screaming at me to attend to more pressing matters FIRST, then have fun blogging!
Ah, anyway...I'm so happy for your enchanted night out with Kevin (even though it's been a while now since you posted it; you look so beautiful.)
Send me a comment on my blog, or email me ( to let me know when you got this message!
take care guys!
Love, RaeRae~