Monday, November 21, 2011

Shut off

At the end of the day sometimes my mind doesn't shut off. I have things that need doing but I don't have the mental clarity to get any ONE thing done. I nibble a little at this and a little at that. Yet here I sit still unable to unplug and fall to sleep.

Things on my mind...
(in no particular order)

Leah's party
Christmas (multiple entries could be written here)
Thanksgiving dinner
Parent-Teacher conferences
This weeks schedule
Teacher appreciation luncheon
Birthday present for Kevin
Finances, how to be more efficient with what we earn
Cleanliness of our home-laundry needs doing, dishes need cleaning, rooms need to be rearranged
How can I help my kids know they are loved by their parents and by a loving father in heaven?
What can I do right now to help them develop their relationship with Jesus Christ?
How can we reinvigorate our Family Scripture Study and get everyone excited again?
Owen- ornery on Sundays
Leah- tired but "too old to nap", "I'm not tired I'm resting my eyes"

I'm thankful for...
Children, my own included ;)
Hard Work
My faith
Jesus Christ
Plan of Salvation
Good Friends
Good Food
Good Schools
Ability to learn, to try new things
Joy in the Journey
Good music
Running water, clean

Good night

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