Thursday, January 3, 2008

Part 2...In the Car

I would like to say that we moved on shortly thereafter, but we did end up staying there an additional 45 minutes. It felt like we would never get anywhere, or at least that we were not getting where we wanted to be as quickly as we would have liked. Nearly every stop we made lasted at least 10 minutes and up to an hour when food and bathroom breaks for all were involved.

***I would like to note that Leah kept her Pull-Up dry all night long! A first for her during a long car ride. I think it was the 3 stops during the night for fuel and restroom breaks that helped her with that. YEA!! for LEAH!!! :)***

Kevin and I had an animated conversation discussing possibilities for the future. Where we could live? What we could do for additional income? How we could make things work better financially, now and in the future. It lasted for a good 2 hours, plus. However, by the time that had petered out we were a bit tired so we pulled off the freeway, got some fuel and napped in the corner of a Pilot and got some rest. After about 2 hours we were off once again.

By 10am we were in St. Louis and on our final stretch of highway, Interstate-44 would take us directly into Tulsa!

By this time every time when we stopped Leah was the one encouraging us to move on and quickly. She was tired of being in the car, but more importantly she COULD NOT wait to get to Grandma Annette's house. Two movies and a nap helped the time to pass quickly, for her at least. ;)

There was an important development that nearly ruined at least part of the surprise. Because of Josh and Adele's unforeseen stop in Wyoming they were NOT going to be Oklahoma at the same time as us. The problem comes from Leah knowing they were coming and expecting to see them when she got TO Grandmas. Well we did our best to explain to her that they would be late so we needed to NOT talk about Josh and Adele, we'll talk about how that went down later.

I really love how well our kids travel in the car. They are just GREAT!!! They don't get car sick and are very patient. They watch their movies, use their activity books and listen to books on tape/CD. They are ok with having only short breaks out of their seats and then sitting for hours.


Emily said...

Cute pics, I bet you're glad that drive is over!!

merrilykaroly said...

You have the most adorable kids ever! I'm excited to see you again soon!!!