Monday, January 7, 2008

Part 3...Surprise Reaction

***Length disclosure- This post seems really long but should be quick because the pictures are what make it so very long. Be forewarned, there are LOTS of pictures.***

Now we walk you through the arrival of the JKLM-n-O Rowbury family to the Karoly family in Tulsa, with pictures. (Because EVERYTHING is better with pictures!)


As we approached Tulsa we were in constant communication with Josh & Adele. The excitement was mounting, the anticipation was peaking, and we were all loving the adrenaline rush. :) We were giving last minute advice and instruction to each other, because the moment WE arrived at the family's door step we had to act as though they weren't coming.

Leah and Mason were asleep and Owen was quietly taking in the drive.

When we were 15 minutes from the house it began to snow, and the closer we got the heavier it fell. I was giving directions and snapping pictures as we went. (hehehe)

By this time we had woken Leah and told her we were close, very close, and she needed to get her socks and shoes on.

We were also reminding her that Josh and Adele coming was a "surprise", a "secret." We were just not going to talk about them or what they were doing. We want them to be able to surprise Grandma. We asked her, "Can you keep the secret?"
"Yea, yea. Sure, sure. I can keep a secret."
We trusted her. What else could we do at this point? Besides we had a strategy, if Leah ever did start talking about Josh and Adele we would tell her that they couldn't come because Adele was pregnant and couldn't make the long drive. Sure, it confused and flustered her, but it threw nearly every one off the scent...Ok, it only seemed to work on my mom, but that was the best part...we'll get there, I promise.

***Special note--While we were still 20 minutes away I called my Mom to see "how things were goin' ", "what they were up to", "did they know what they were doing for dinner, 'cause I was trying to get that started for us." I'm sure you can see where that was all going. I had Kevin listening to a Bowl game on ESPN (we have SIRIUS--it is GREAT for us!) so they thought I was just sitting at home having a laid back Saturday. O the joy! :)***

The approach to the house was taken slowly and we went over who would help which child. And how we would ACTUALLY do this.

When I got up to the door, we checked the handle and it was unlocked!!! So I pushed it open, and with camera in one hand and Mason at the other, began calling out, "Hello! Hellllo! Helllloooo! MERRRRRY CHRRISSTMASSS! MERRY-MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" Seriously it felt like an eternity before Kristen and my Mom appeared.

My Mom was positively the HAPPIEST-MOM-IN-THE-ENTIRE-WORLD at that particular moment. She of course went right into planning everything! Dinner, Beds, Sleeping arrangements, Breakfast, Christmas...O how she LOVES to be BUSY!!! hehehe...It's the truth. Just ask her. :) Remind anyone of somebody. ;)

My sisters, Nicole and Heather, and my Father, were all at work. Well, we decided that Leah, Mom, and I would pick up Nicole and Heather.

Ahhhh! I love my sisters! They never seem to let me down! Their reactions...Well, pictures speak a thousand words, right?


Isn't that a great face in picture #2? Look how wide her mouth is! :)

Well, a story...

Nicole was telling me about the gift she wanted to have made for Josh and Adele for Christmas. But all Leah heard was "Josh and Adele for Christmas."
She blurts out, "How did you know about Josh and Adele coming?"
Nicole's eyes got big, and I brushed it off with the story that they couldn't come because Adele was pregnant and yada-yada-yada...Well, Leah had a confused look and Nicole became suspicious, but Mom was completely immuned. I guess it shows just how much my mom trusts me. (Thanks mom, because truly I am the worst liar...ever.) I pulled Leah aside and tried again to tell her that it was a secret and we could NOT talk about it around Grandma or the Aunts. It didn't work.
After we got in the car and were on to out next destination (Sam's Club-for dinner and miscellaneous food items), Leah whispers, "Mom, I got to talk to you about something. It's about the secret."
Well in our car she is in the seat furthest away so EVERYONE can hear her. I tell her that we'll talk when we stop, but she was persistent. FINALLY, she stopped. (Thank you Leah.)


Heather was in the back room finishing up. She had us standing outside that door for 10 minutes waiting for her to FINALLY come out! Her reaction was by FAR the BEST, especially with the way it was caught on camera! Right after that last picture was taken her bottom lip ran into my camera lens. The lens was fine but her lip was cut and a little bruised. She said it was worth it. I was just AMAZED with the ferocity in which she hugged me, and she came to me first, NOT Leah. Usually when people are given the choice Leah wins out. That was nice for me. :)

I have no pictures of my Dad's reaction. I was in bed, snoozin'. He did call shortly after we got back to the house from picking every one up to just see how things were going at home. Heather asked, "Does Dad know?" with the phone in her hand and him on the other end. Sweet Heater! (And "no" I did NOT misspell her name, that's a term of endearment for her.) He was suspicious from then till he got home, but he thought it meant Josh and Adele were there NOT us. :) Our minivan let him know the truth when he pulled up.

I DO, however, have a picture of my hubby's reaction to BYU's miracle win.
He was so astonished! I don't recall ever previously seeing this look on his face. GO COUGARS!!!

Kevin stayed up waiting for them to come in. Besides myself he was the only one that KNEW they were coming. The others only guessed. Kevin, in good conscious, could not sleep knowing they were out in the snow, which was still falling. So, at 2:42 am CST, Josh and Adele came through the door. Mom was pulled out of bed and the surprise, for her, was COMPLETE.


Cami said...

What a fun surprise!! That's awesome that you all did that. My sisters are always doing that to each other, but I could never keep the secret for sure. Looks like lots of fun!

Kellie said...

I love surprises. Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures of your family. It's fun to get to know you better that way.

Dawn said...

I didn't know you blogged, write me with your email address so i can add you to mine, Dawn ,Brent fullwood(the Brits)